The Taking of Annie Thorne / The Hiding Place (US)


Supernatural Thriller

UK Publication

Penguin Random House / Michael Joseph, February 2019

US Publication

Penguin Random House / Crown, February 2019

Film & TV

White Boar Films / Imaginarium

Press and Reviews

Razor-sharp writing and masterful plotting drive this dark story about a small town, buried secrets, and ghosts from the past. Witty and compelling all at once,…”

Gripping and dark, The Hiding Place descends like its very own mine shaft, getting creepier the further you go. You’ll race to the finish.”

Delicious in every way. A deliciously creepy story, deliciously told. Storytelling like a siren's song: your hair will prickle and stand on end but you won't…”

With The Hiding Place, C. J. Tudor has proven that she is a true master at creating perfectly dark, highly propulsive, and tightly coiled mysteries that…”

Tudor maintains a tone of creeping dread throughout the book, of something lingering always in the background, coyly hiding its face while whispering promises of very…”

With shades of Pet Sematary and an all-round aura of creepiness, The Taking of Annie Thorne cements C.J. Tudor's position as a major new talent at…

I loved it. The quality of her writing meant it was an absolute pleasure to read, as well as being genuinely terrifying. It made my hair…”

CJ Tudor writes evil with aplomb - TToAT reveals how evil casts its resonance through places, people and our shared past. This book lingers with you…”

Dark, gothic and utterly compelling, The Taking of Annie Thorne pulls off a rare combination – an atmosphere of unsettling evil along with richly nuanced characterisation.”

Joe’s dark humor may balance the grim plot, but the epilogue is the stuff of nightmares. Tudor casts a searing light on the long-term damage wrought…”