Translation Rights

The Madeleine Milburn Literary Agency is dedicated to selling the translation rights for our authors as widely as possible. It is important to us that our authors’ books reach a large readership, and we strongly believe language should be no barrier. We have an extensive network of contacts around the world, and we pride ourselves on getting significant translation deals in multiple languages.

Every country and every language is important as we work towards our authors becoming international bestsellers.  We work very closely with publishers around the world and regularly travel to meet with editors and attend all the major international book fairs, including the London Book Fair, Bologna Book Fair, Gothenburg Book Fair and Frankfurt Book Fair.

Meet our Translation Rights Team

We work directly with publishers in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Scandinavia, Poland, Portugal, Brazil, Israel, Greece, Hungary, the Baltic States, Serbia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Albania, Croatia, Bulgaria, Bosnia & Macedonia and we collaborate closely with international co-agents in the following territories:

Arabic States: Bassem El Kheshen and Gana Galal at Bears Factor Literary Agency FZC, Sharjah

China, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam & Indonesia: Gray Tan at The Grayhawk Agency, Taipei

Japan: Miko Yamanouchi at Japan Uni Agency, Tokyo

Korea: Danny Hong at Danny Hong Agency, Seoul

Russia & Ukraine: Katya Ilina and Julia Demchenko at Van Lear Agency, Moscow

Turkey: Atilla Izgi Turgut and Begum Ayfer at Akcali Copyright Agency, Istanbul