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As a growing UK literary agency seeking new authors, we are accepting submissions in all book categories.

The children’s and YA department represents a huge range of talent, from critically acclaimed prize-winners to commercial bestsellers. Our extensive relationships with publishers and knowledge of the market means your debut is in excellent hands. Last year, we garnered over $2m for children’s debuts alone in the UK and US. In 2020, we launched the UK’s bestselling YA debut and in 2021 two out of four of the bestselling MG debuts. Last year, Katie Kirby became an instant no.1 Sunday Times Bestseller with her third book on publication.

In 2021, Danielle Jawando was the only debut to be shortlisted for the YA Book Prize. Last year, Maisie Chan won the Jhalak Children’s & YA Prize and the Branford Boase Award and Benjamin Dean won the Diverse Book Awards. Our children’s authors have also been shortlisted for the Waterstones Childen’s Book Prize, the Costa Children’s Book Award and the prestigious Carnegie medal. In the last three years, our department has bagged four coveted Waterstones Children’s Books of the Month slots.

We are committed to building authors’ careers year on year, taking them from strength to strength, from the submissions inbox to a leading brand. The children’s market is a smaller one, largely driven by big names, and so we are focused on taking on a select number of authors whose potential for huge and long-term success we really believe in.

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Children’s & YA Submissions Form

Children’s & YA Submissions

For children’s & YA submissions, please only send us material when you have a completed manuscript, and when you are completely satisfied that the novel is at a point you are happy to share it.

In the same way you would write a formal covering letter, please paste an introduction to your novel in the designated box in the form below. You should include:

  • A one or two-line elevator pitch
  • Up to three comparable books or authors from the past ten years you’d place your book alongside
  • A compelling blurb to get us interested in the story
  • Any information about yourself that is relevant to the work you are submitting

Attach a one-page synopsis and the first three chapters, or first 10,000 words of the manuscript in one document. There should only be one attachment sent via the form. The synopsis should ‘tell the story,’ with spoilers, rather than ‘sell’ the story (that is done in the introductory email).

Children’s & YA Submissions Form