The non-fiction department champions a dynamic range of talent from across the globe, specialising in thinkers who are looking to break new ground, as well as exciting chefs and writers in the food world.

From our base in London, we secure major book deals for our authors in the UK, the US and in translation.

Our clients include historians, memoirists, journalists, scientists, philosophers, essayists, psychologists, and cooks, as well as many other writers passionate about what they do. We are committed to the development of our authors’ careers and want to work with writers who are as ambitious as we are and take a long view on their work.

We pride ourselves on the level of thought and expertise that goes into helping authors develop highly original and captivating book proposals that appeal to the best publishing houses. MMA non-fiction authors have gone on to become Sunday Times, New York Times bestsellers, and win national and international awards in their respective fields.


Meet our Non-fiction Agents

Some of our Non-fiction authors

Non-fiction submissions

Non-fiction titles are often sold on proposal with a sample of writing material, as opposed to a full draft manuscript of the book.

When submitting a non-fiction project to the agency, please start with a covering letter introducing yourself and your idea, pasting it into the designated box in the form below.

Please attach one document, containing an overview of the work and some sample writing.


Your document should include:

  • What your book is about and why it needs to be written.
  • Why you are best placed to write the book, with reference to your credentials or professional expertise.
  • A book outline, with summaries explaining what will be addressed in each chapter.
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