The Drift


Suspense & Thriller

UK Publication

Penguin Random House

US Publication

Penguin Random House

Film & TV

Buccaneer Media / Halcyon

Press and Reviews

Sublimely executed, this is a dystopian thriller of real class.”

Tudor has a lot of scary, horror-tinged fun.”

The wildest thriller of the year is three thrillers in one. Buckle up.”

Suspense, thy name is C.J. Tudor!”

The Drift is an exceptional thriller that blew me away with its original, high-octane plot, jaw-dropping twists and characters I cared about. When I wasn’t reading…”

A truly terrifying, ice-cold chiller from the master of macabre. C.J. Tudor should be on everyone’s must-read list.”

This is a masterpiece of its kind.”

Some writers have it, and some don't. C. J. Tudor has it big time.”

Her books have the ability to simultaneously make you unable to stop reading while wishing you could bury the book somewhere deep underground where it can't…”

Britain's female Stephen King.”