We’re thrilled to share that The Countryside: Ten Rural Walks Through Britain and Its Hidden History of Empire by Corinne Fowler publishes today in the US with Scribner. Described by Bernadine Evaristo as an ‘essential and fascinating book’, The Countryside takes the reader on ten walks through idyllic scenery to reveal its forgotten links to transatlantic slavery and colonialism. Corinne’s book is a work of accessible history that will transform your understanding of British landscapes and heritage.

“[A] revelatory travelogue-cum-exposé…The account transfixes throughout…This is a staggering look at some of the less-studied repercussions of colonialism.”
Publishers Weekly, starred review

“A deftly critical, readable contribution to the historiography of empire… Fascinating.”
—Kirkus Review

“Grappling with the historical accuracy of revered spaces is not solely a problem in the U.S…. In this well-researched and thoughtful history, Fowler’s evocative descriptions will engage both armchair and in-person travelers.”

You can read an excerpt of Corinne’s ‘tobacco walk’ from the book in Foreign Policy magazine here

If you haven’t already, get your copy of The Countryside now