Ava Glass

Primary Agent

Madeleine Milburn

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International Rights

Liane-Louise Smith

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Film & TV

Hannah Ladds

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Press and Reviews

A stylish, high octane thriller set in the mysterious world of espionage. Smart and tense, with a delicious blend of intrigue and subterfuge.”

A breathless race across London. The pace never lets up before a heart-stopping conclusion.”

Golding folds together a folklore-inspired plot with the modern twists and tension of a police procedural novel to create a bitingly unnerving story.”

The most original book you’ll read this year … equal parts detective novel, psychological thriller and family drama. Full of twists, turns and atmosphere, make sure…”

Sewing together the many threads of the case, there is the added folklore that seeps into an atmospheric, mysterious and horror-struck storyline. Powerful imagery and captivating…”

I thoroughly enjoyed this fast-paced, action-packed thriller. Move over, James Bond - there's a new hero in town, and she's fantastic. ”