Alias Emma


Suspense & Thriller

UK Publication

Penguin Random House / Century, 2022

US Publication

Penguin Random House / Ballantine, 2022

Film & TV


Press and Reviews

The nonstop action is superbly choreographed…Buttressing the unrelenting pace, there's also plenty of character-building backstory…the race to the finish line is more than enough to fuel…”

Perfect for a single-sitting read, Glass’s thriller (the first in a planned series) is an adrenaline-fueled tour of clandestine London. What’s next for Emma Makepeace? More,…”

A terrific lead character in Emma Makepeace, a young spy in a covert department where nobody is to be trusted. It’s all tremendous fun.”

There are fast reads, and then there are reads that throw you right out of your chair. Alias Emma is in the latter category.”

Intense, cinematic action propels this terrific old-fashioned thriller neatly brought up to date. Glass is off to an impressive start.”

A stylish, high octane thriller set in the mysterious world of espionage. Smart and tense, with a delicious blend of intrigue and subterfuge.”

A breathless race across London. The pace never lets up before a heart-stopping conclusion.”

Turbo-charged pacing, vivid sense of place, and unforgettable characters add up to Thriller with a capital T.”

An enthralling, unputdownable read, with a breakneck pace and a premise that sometimes felt all too plausible. ”

Alias Emma blew me away. A taut, propulsive thriller with a terrific female protagonist, Alias Emma is a classic spy novel for a modern audience. I…”