Alias Emma


Suspense & Thriller

UK Publication

Penguin Random House / Century, 2022

US Publication

Penguin Random House / Ballantine, 2022

Film & TV


Press and Reviews

A stylish, high octane thriller set in the mysterious world of espionage. Smart and tense, with a delicious blend of intrigue and subterfuge.”

A breathless race across London. The pace never lets up before a heart-stopping conclusion.”

Turbo-charged pacing, vivid sense of place, and unforgettable characters add up to Thriller with a capital T.”

An enthralling, unputdownable read, with a breakneck pace and a premise that sometimes felt all too plausible.”

Alias Emma blew me away. A taut, propulsive thriller with a terrific female protagonist, Alias Emma is a classic spy novel for a modern audience. I…”

I raced through this taut, nail-biting, twisty spy thriller. A wild ride through the streets of London that moves so quickly it’ll leave you breathless.”

I thoroughly enjoyed this fast-paced, action-packed thriller. Move over, James Bond - there's a new hero in town, and she's fantastic. ”