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‘A spirited celebration of the everyday.’”

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'A deeply felt, optimistic take on culture and contemporary life, and the small possibilities for change and transforming human interaction that it can contain if we’re…”

'It is easy to forget: life is a delicate matter of meetings and partings. Andy Field provides a gentle, beautiful reminder.'”

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'Modern-day transcendentalist Andy Field weaves reflections on cultural touchstones in celebration of the person-to-person encounter - whether that's a phone call with a lover, a snowball…”

'Andy Field is the freshest, most down-to-earth, most constantly surprising (and endearing) explorer of urban life I’ve read in a while … And whether he's guiding…”

'Andy Field's book reawakens us to the neglected majesty, charm and beauty of the everyday. His book returns us to a childlike state of wonder. It's…”

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