Published in the US with Penguin Random House last week, UK readers can now get their hands on this hilarious comedic adult novel, You May Now Kill The Bride by Kate Weston published today with Headline!

As Lauren, Saskia, Dominica, and Farah reunite at Tansy’s spiritual hen party in the woods, all five friends continue to keep secrets of their own from each other while old grudges start to unveil. But what starts as a weekend of macramé and contraband vodka ends in murder when Tansy chokes to death on a poisoned cacao drink. With the body count climbing, the friends realise someone in the group is the murderer. Will they find out who it is soon enough before their chance of walking down the aisle gets taken from them too?

“Deliciously dark, compulsive and as tense as the finale of Traitors. It’ll seep into your psyche and leave you wanting more.”
Hannah Tovey, author of Is This It?

Kate is an ex-stand up comedian and is the author of the funny YA crime, Murder On A School Break. Its upcoming sequel, Murder On A Summer Break is publishing this July 2024. She has also written the award-nominated series Diary of a Confused Feminist.

Congratulations on the UK publication, Kate! Grab your copy here.