Happy publication day to husband and wife team, rapper Guvna B and Emma Borquaye and their wonderful picture book Where Grandad Lives is published today with Hodder Children’s.

Inspired by talking to their son Ezra about grief and loss, Where Grandad Lives is a beautifully illustrated book that tackles a big topic with lightness and kindness.

Where Grandad Lives answers the call to help parents and children discuss grief and loss together. Featuring characters based on Ezra and his friends, Ezra shares that his Grandad lives somewhere really special. When his friend Zadie is unsure she knows where – and when all her ideas of special homes are exhausted – she has to ask Ezra to show her… And Ezra shares what it’s like when someone you love lives in your heart: the good, the bad and the hard to explain.

‘As we do life with our own son Ezra, we hope we can continue to have conversations with him about the loved ones we’ve lost. Though this can bring sadness, as well as happiness, we believe it’s an important part of keeping their legacies alive and can help children understand more about who they are and the special people who came before them. We hope that this book is a helpful tool as you navigate life, grief and raising little ones.We have a firm hope that one day we will see our loved ones again, but in the meantime, cherishing those memories of Grandad helps to keep him “living in our hearts.”‘ – Guvna B and Emma Borquaye

We can’t wait for everyone to read this book!

You can buy your copy here.