We’re delighted to celebrate paperback publication day with Tracy Rees, whose latest historical novel, The Elopement, is now published with Pan Macmillan.

Featuring a few familiarities fans will recognize from The Rose Garden, Tracy’s new novel returns us to the world of London in the nineteenth century where women can marry well or marry for love – a decision that does not come easy and one which can have significant consequences for their future.  

With warm, uplifting prose and characters you’ll want to befriend, The Elopement is a treasure to read and definitely worth taking the time to order here.

I’ve long been a huge fan of Tracy’s sumptuous, immersive storytelling, and with The Elopement she’s swept me away yet again. She has such a talent for creating the most wonderful characters – within pages, I feel I know them, and that they’ve become friends – and is a master at spinning gripping, lose-yourself, forget about everything and everyone else, tales. Full of warmth and love, The Elopement is another absolute beauty. All I want to know now is: when can I read Tracy’s next?

~ Jenny Ashcroft

A beautiful book. Powerful and captivating, the story will transport you to another time and place, plunging you headlong into the lives of its characters. Tracy Rees’s writing is fluid, vibrant and evocative. Extraordinarily good.

~ Hazel Prior

Congratulations, Tracy!