Happy UK publication day to Theodora Hendrix and the Snare of the Shadowmongers (Walker Books Ltd), the third book in the Theodora Hendrix series by Jordan Kopy.

Perfect for those that love autumn and the spooky season, the Theodora Hendrix series follows the life of an ordinary girl brought up by monsters. In this book, Theodora, Sherman and Dexter head off to the Big Apple for the holidays, but New York is teeming with Shadowmongers – sly, shadowy creatures controlled by the most sinister foe of all. A foe who wants nothing more than to see the Monstrous League of Monsters brought down…and Theodora with it.

Jordan works in the financial world and is a New Yorker now living in London with her husband and badly behaved cat. She spends her days staring at numbers and her nights with ghosts, witches and the occasional evil hag.

Congratulations, Jordan, on this special day! If you haven’t done so already, you can grab your own copy here.