Andrea Michael’s emotive novel The Things That Matter is available in paperback today through One More Chapter.

Celebrated in her local area of Watford, Andrea’s previous novel The Book Of Us was nominated for the One Town One Book initiative that launched in 2020 to help local people connect through art and culture. The novel has since become a popular book-club pick and we anticipate even more love for her latest novel. In The Things That Matter, the Scottish Highlands form a ruggedly beautiful backdrop that mirrors the rough terrain of a relationship. With a string of 5* reviews already gathering on NetGalley, it is clear that readers are taken with the story of Taz and Dan:

‘A beautifully written story…one of the best books I have read this year’ Muriel

‘A highly original read…so much character and warmth’ Sarah

‘Life affirming…it made me laugh, it made me cry’ Helen

‘A wonderful book with a heartfelt message we could all use these days!’ Laurie

‘Incredibly well written and thought provoking’ Jenny

‘Wow! What a fun, emotional journey this book took me on…made me cry and laugh out loud’ Wendy


The readers are loving your writing as much as us, Andrea – a huge congratulations to you!


Here’s a brief introduction to The Things That Matter:

Natasha and Daniel were meant for each other. On paper you’d never think it so; whilst Taz would arrive at school hungry and in clothes too small, Dan’s affluent background was no secret. But they were drawn together and found comfort in the fact that neither felt they truly belonged.

When something terrible happens and Dan is sent to prison, Taz doesn’t even pause to think before standing by his side. As the ground beneath Dan crumbles, it’s Taz who is there to catch him. A family of two, it’s them against the world.

But what happens when the threats they face come from within? Plagued by guilt over a secret in her past, Taz must face the truth or risk losing Dan forever.


Don’t forget to pick up your copy here.