How do you fight for a cause that you passionately support in a world where women and girls cannot go into battle? Read The Rebel Daughter by Miranda Malins, which is in the UK  today with Hachette/Orion Fiction.

Set during the Civil War, this richly evocative story is not to be missed. When Bridget Cromwell’s father pits himself against the King and Parliament, she is eager to help fight for his cause. But girls are not permitted to wield a sword, so Bridget must find an alternative. Then she meets Major Henry Ireton…and must choose between her head and her heart. Perfect escapism for readers everywhere, The Rebel Daughter is a stunning evocation of the English Civil War that brings to light the hidden stories of women at the heart of power. We can’t wait for readers to get their hands on one of the most exciting historical novels of 2022!

Miranda Malins is a writer and historian, specialising in the history of Oliver Cromwell, his family and the politics of the Interregnum period following the Civil War. She studied at Cambridge University, leaving with a PhD, and continues to speak at conferences and publish journal articles and book reviews. Her debut novel, The Puritan Princess, was a huge success, labelled ‘extraordinary’ by Paul Lay, Editor of History Today, and described as ‘beautifully written’ by James Evans, author of Emigrants.


Early readers have had incredible things to say about Malins’ latest novel:

‘A dramatic story of love, loss and duty, set against the backdrop of the turmoil of the Civil Wars.‘ Linda Porter, author of Mistresses: Sex and Scandal at the Court of Charles II

‘Miranda Malins is a real and fresh new talent. This is beautifully written, exciting fiction.’ Suzannah Lipscomb, author of The King is Dead

‘Such familiar historical characters brought so colourfully and convincingly to new life; and the writing itself is of the finest.’ Ronald Hutton, author of The Making of Oliver Cromwell

‘This affecting, action-packed novel brings a momentous but often overlooked period of history vividly to life.’
 Carolyn Kirby, author of When We Fall

‘Brilliantly captures … a nuanced picture of a divided world.’ Leonora Nattrass, author of Black Drop

A country torn apart by war. A woman fighting for her future…

Ely, 1643England is convulsed by Civil War, setting King against Parliament and neighbour against neighbour. As the turmoil reaches her family home in Ely, 19-year-old Bridget Cromwell finds herself at the heart of the conflict.

With her father’s star on the rise as a cavalry commander for the rebellious Parliament, Bridget has her own ambitions for a life beyond marriage and motherhood. And as fractures appear in her own family with the wilful, beautiful younger sister Betty, Bridget faces a choice: to follow her heart, or to marry for power and influence, and fight for a revolution that will change history…

A gripping evocation of the Civil War, and the hidden stories of women at the heart of power… Perfect for fans of Philippa Gregory and Anne O’Brien

Congratulations, Miranda, on this very special day! And if you have not picked up a copy of this book yourself, you can do so here.