We are so excited to share that Michelle Adams‘ latest novel, The Lost Lives of Frances Langley, is finally published in the UK today (Orion). This powerfully emotional and romantic novel of rekindled love tells the story of a reunited couple on the search for a precious jewellery box, transporting readers on a beautiful journey across decades and seas.

The Lost Lives of Frances Langley originally published in the US as Hidden Treasures, and was featured in an impressive number of roundups, including PopSugar and NerdDaily. Readers had nothing but good things to say about Michelle’s exquisite novel:

‘Tantalizing, heartbreaking, and filled with beautifully imperfect characters, this novel will slowly draw you in and leave you with tears in your eyes and hope in your heart.’ Kristin Harmel, New York Times bestselling author of The Book of Lost Names and The Forest of Vanishing Stars

‘[An] extraordinary story.’ PopSugar

Little Wishes, Michelle’s debut women’s fiction novel, published in 2020 to a host of rave reviews, which praised the book as ‘a stunningly-written journey of love and loss’. Read a selection of them below:

‘This bittersweet story of a first love that lasted a lifetime transported me to the wild and beautiful Cornish coast. The tangled web of secrets and lies keeps the pages turning, while the poignancy of Tom and Elizabeth’s story will tug at your heartstrings.’ Fiona Valpy, No.1 bestselling author of The Storyteller of Casablanca

‘A poignant and thought-provoking story about enduring love and making the most of every last moment.’ Imogen Clarke, Amazon No.1 bestselling author

‘A story of love long postponed but never forgotten, Little Wishes is a tale to be treasured. Michelle’s Adams’ lovely, luminous writing is a beacon that draws readers closer and brings them home to the lasting truths about life and love.’ Marie Bostwick, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of The Restoration of Celia Fairchild

We cannot wait for readers in the UK to discover Frances Langley’s mysterious past…

Some things which feel truly lost, are really there all along, safely hidden, just waiting to be found…

France. Summer 1981: In a small village in southern France, a wilful English girl is falling in love. Frances Langley has fallen under Benoit’s romantic spell, and their summer of love finds Frances willing to do almost anything for the handsome art collector, even hiding a precious artefact for him, stolen by the Nazis decades before.

England. Summer 2022: Frances’s son, Harry, finds himself packing up the clutter and chaos of his late mother’s home. Little does he know that his mother had sent a letter to Tabitha, the lost love of his life, begging the pair to find a priceless jewellery box, hidden in her cottage.

Harry quickly dismisses the search, but as an art historian, Tabitha cannot risk the chance to recover something so valuable that was long thought to be lost. And so they embark on a journey of discovery, but soon find themselves searching for much more than a missing piece of art…

Congratulations on this special day, Michelle! UK readers, get your copies here!