Award-winning journalist and author, Radhika Sanghani publishes her first Children’s book The Girl Who Couldn’t Lie today with Usborne!

This fresh and funny story follows twelve-year-old Priya Shah who lies. A lot. She pretends everything in her life is perfect to not disappoint anyone. But when she puts on a magical bangle left by Ba, she finds herself unable to lie. The bangle will not come off and truths keep pouring out of her — she tells her dad she hates his cooking, reveals her huge crush on Dan Zhang, and shares her best friends’ secrets at school. As Priya’s truth-telling spirals out of control, can she learn to be honest without hurting the feelings of those she loves?

“Priya is totally relatable and her experience of learning how to be open and honest about her life and her struggles is one that so many young readers will be able to empathise with.”
Sarah Hagger-Holt, author

Radhika has previously written several adult books, including I Wish We Weren’t Related and Thirty Things I Love About Myself. Her first YA novel, Here To Slay is publishing in September 2024.

Congratulations Radhika and we can’t lie how fantastic this book is either! You can get your copy here.