The Edge of In Between by Lorelei Savaryn is now available in paperback in the US! It was first published in April 2022 with Viking in hardback.

The magical and spellbinding novel follows Lottie who lives in Vivelle, where life exists in vibrant technicolour and nearly everyone is born in with magic. When tragedy strikes, all colour is stripped away. Lotties moves with her uncle into Forsaken, located in the gray wasteland between the Land of Living and the Land of the Dead. There, Lottie discovers more secrets and mysteries. When splintered magic threatens to consume all that she holds dear, Lottie must find a way to thaw both the world and hearts of those around her before time runs out.

“Richly layered with emotional truths, The Edge of In Between embraces all the fragile elements of grief and sorrow, hope and love – as well as the strength (so very much like magic) that resides inside us all.”
– Heather Kassner, author of The Plentiful Darkness

Lorelei is also the author of The Circus of Stolen Dreams. Her next Children’s novel, The Night Train is publishing this August 2024.

You can get the paperback of The Edge of In Between here.