It’s publication day for bestselling author Katie Kirby’s  latest middle-grade novel, The Catastrophic Friendship Fails of Lottie Brooks, the hilarious new sequel to The Extremely Embarrassing Life of Lottie Brooks.

Lottie Brooks is back for spring term at secondary school and ready to face anything. No more trying to impress mean girl Amber. And absolutely no more being nicknamed Cucumber Girl.

A lead role in the spring musical gives Lottie a chance to dazzle her mega-crush Daniel with her talent as a singing crab but it’s not all singing and dancing at Kingswood High. Lottie’s friendship with Molly and Jess seems to be falling apart no matter how hard she tries to keep her BFFs together.

Is Lottie on track for another epic friendship fail?

Kirby’s first book, The Extremely Embarrassing Life of Lottie Brooks, achieved incredible success, topping the Amazon Bestsellers List at no.1, as well as staying on the The Sunday Times Bestseller’s List as one of the top 20 children’s titles, for two-weeks straight. The book was also featured at no. 7 on The Bookseller’s Children’s and YA Chart, and was selected for the Primary School Book Club Vote.

Katie Kirby is a writer and illustrator based in Hove. Alongside the Lottie series, she has written two Sunday Times bestselling adult books; Hurrah for Gin and Reluctant Adult. The Lottie series has gained a whole legion of young fans who can’t get enough of the extremely embarrassing but utterly entertaining life of Lottie Brooks:

‘It is so relatable because I’m 12 and just went into year 7 and a-lot of experiences the main character had, I had too. I read this within 2 days and can’t believe I finally found the right book. I really recommend this book for girls aged 11-12 as its very relevant about what you will or might go through. It is very easy to read as well! (Coming from a person that finds it hard to read). – Amazon Reviewer, 5 stars

 ‘I decided I needed to read it before giving over to my daughter. I smashed it in 2 days, it’s really funny and tackles a lot of what may be going through a pre- teen girls head during this tricky age with a few subtle life lessons thrown in for good measure! Perfect for 9-11 year olds (or 41 year olds)’ – Amazon Review, 5 stars

‘My 10yo daughter read this book in a day and loved it. This was her review:
“I enjoyed this book more than you could imagine. I found it EXTREMELY funny but also EXTREMELY relatable because Lottie’s life could probably relate to a lot of 12 year-old girls now!!!!!” Bookreads Review, 5 stars

Congratulations, Katie, on this very special day! And if you haven’t got your hands on a copy of this fantastically funny and relatable book, you can do so here.