Three months into the new year and the new year resolutions are usually flagging. But fear not, Giselle la Pompe-Moore is here to spiritually guide you through so that you, too, can create your best damn life with the help of her new book, Take It In.

Publishing today with Rider, Giselle’s guidebook is for everyone – whether dealing with trauma, or just trying to get through an ordinary day. Giselle will teach you the importance of taking care of your inner-world as much as your outer-world and recognizing that everything you need to live your best life is already inside you. Using her own experiences and some down to earth metaphors, she has created a personal yet relatable look at the journey to inner-contentment.

Take It In has already received some excellent praise from those who have read it:

“Naturally intuitive and deeply knowledgable, her work is truly transformative” – Fearne Cotton

“The name to know on the spiritual scene.” – Sheerluxe

“Giselle combines the practical reality of life with modern day spiritualism in a way that blew open the doors of my mind. Her words and insight has offered life-changing healing and a sense of calm. She always operates from a place of empowering you, and championing you, and that alone can be incredibly powerful.” – Poorna Bell

While this is Giselle’s first book, her work as a spiritual teacher and guide has already seen her feature in publications and on television with a feature on Channel 4’s Steph’s Packed Lunch back in September, and more recently this fascinating article about Manifesting on Red Online. For those keen on Giselle’s work, you can also find her at the upcoming Mind Body Spirit event in London this Easter. Take a look at Giselle’s website to find out more about upcoming events.

Here’s a little more about Take It In:

In a world that feels distressingly out of our control, the fact that we can only control our inner reality is actually our greatest superpower. When we work on our inner selves, our outer reality shows up to match it.

Daily life can be rough and we can often feel disconnected from who we really are. The solution? Everyday spirituality.

In this empowering book, spiritual guide and teacher Giselle La Pompe-Moore reveals how doing the inner work and being spirit-informed will help you create the life you never thought possible. With personal anecdotes, practical exercises and no-nonsense advice, Take It In will help you move through the self-criticism, fears and doubts that get in the way of you seeing your greater purpose, power and potential. Do the inner work and create your best damn life.

Happy Publication Day Giselle!