A millennial novel full of heart, honesty and nostalgia, Love Loss and Little White Lies is a tribute to the teen magazines of the past and the never-ending cycle of social media that replaced them. This wonderful debut by India Rigg publishes in ebook with Hodder Studio today.

India Rigg was inspired to write by the constant analysis of ‘millennials’ in the media and an array of personal, comical experiences. Telling the story of a young millennial-aged widow, she unites an unfamiliar situation with a friendly, familiar narrative. Those who have been lucky enough to read it early cannot get enough:

‘In Love, Loss and Little White Lies, India Rigg has given us a novel that is heart-breaking and poignant, but also fresh and funny and just all kinds of wonderful. Milly is a heroine you cannot help but root for as you watch the tantalising glimpses of her great love story juxtapositioned against her grief and guilt at the idea of moving on. This book is guaranteed to make you cry, but it will also make you laugh out loud as you cheer Milly on. Utterly fabulous and highly recommended’

sarah bonner, author of her perfect twin

‘Love, Loss and Little White Lies is one of those special books that both moves you to tears and makes you laugh. Milly’s story of grief is told with such heart you’ll feel like her and Adam are part of your life. And if you’re a Millennial who loved Mizz magazine as a teenager you’ll relate to Milly’s funny observations on love, life and pop culture.’

chloe timms, author of the seawomen

Milly Dayton became a widow at 26. Two years later, she’s got the whole thing down

· Go on the occasional date but bring your engagement ring so you can whip it out for a quick getaway

· Steal brunch photos for social media posts so your friends know you’re fine

· Keep messaging your late husband on Facebook – you’re not crazy if you don’t believe he’ll message you back

Milly isn’t okay but she looks it online. But everyone lies about their lives on Instagram, don’t they?

One day, sick of all the pretence, Milly creates Mizzennial, a new channel inspired by the straight-talking magazines of her childhood. But even here, she still can’t quite admit how lonely she really is. Can she take her own advice, finally open up and start to move on?

We’re sure you’ll fall in love with the funniest novel you’ll ever read about grief just as we did. Congratulations, India!