We’re delighted to see the paperback publication of Oh, Sister by Jodie Chapman, out today with Michael Joseph. This powerful and moving fiction follows the courage of three women who dare to confront real-life religious fanaticism.


Step into a world that lies behind the ordinary front doors of Britain.

A place of loyal wives, obedient children, of faithful (and occasionally faithless) husbands.

Meet Isobel, Jen and Zelda. They know how to please, and they know their place in this world is precarious.

But what happens when they can longer be the person others want them to be – when they stop lying to themselves?

Will each woman stay quiet and keep pleasing?

Or will they stand up and fight?

‘So movingly told’ Good Housekeeping

‘A touching novel about female friendship and finding strength when you need it most’ Grazia

Huge congratulations Jodie! If you haven’t already, get your copy here: amzn.to/3wywo5Y