Pug Actually, the laugh-out-loud summer hit by Matt Dunn, reaches audiences in a dazzling, new hardback edition today courtesy of HQ.

Off the back of the success of the ebook edition, which featured twice in Popsugar this summer as both a ‘Best Book of June’ pick and a ‘Most Anticipated Romance’, not to mention being selected as an ‘Amazon Book of the Month in Romance’, Pug Actually is now hitting the shelves in superb hardback just in time for Christmas. And it is not only dog lovers who will fall for Doug the pug’s charms. Readers and reviewers have already been praising the pup’s hilarious adventures:

“Charming, brilliant and an absolute hoot…This book makes the world feel a happier place to be.”

Milly Johnson

“This is a wonderful novel with delicious humour… I’m in love with Doug the pug!”

Jill Mansell, Sunday Times bestselling author

“A witty, heart-warming tale about woman’s best friend. You’ll love it!”

Nick Spalding

“[A] hilarious romance.”

The Washington Post

Here’s a little treat to tempt you…

When your dog plays Cupid…what could possibly go wrong?

Loyal rescue pug Doug wants his adoring owner Julie to find unconditional love and happiness – and he knows she won’t find either in the arms of Luke, her married boss. 

Doug is terrified that Julie will become a lonely cat-lover if she stays single too long, but he can’t let her fall for any more of Luke’s empty promises. Julie needs to move on – and Doug is convinced that Tom, a newly divorced V-E-T, is perfect for her (despite his questionable occupation). 

There’s just one problem: Julie and Tom can’t stand each other.

Doug doesn’t quite understand the quirks and complexities of human relationships, but he won’t let that get in the way of his mission to bring Tom and Julie together. After all, being a ‘rescue’ works both ways…

 So why not hop on down to your local bookshop or pick up a copy online today. Happy Hardback Publication Day, Matt!