The second book in the Marion Lane, speculative mystery series, Marion Lane and The Deadly Rose, by T. A. Willberg publishes in paperback with Orion.

Marion Lane, now in her second year of training at Miss Brickett’s, must uncover another mystery at the underground Detective Agency and the clock is ticking.

In a review published not long after its original publication earlier this year, the New York Times said:

‘Willberg spins her narrative with a striking sense of verve. I found myself so drawn into this world of peculiar crimes that finishing the last page left me disoriented, requiring an extra beat to flash forward and rejoin the current century.’

If you’re keen to go back to the beginning and experience the series as a whole, don’t forget to pick up a copy of Marion Lane and The Midnight Murder at the same time.

Happy Publication Day, T. A. Willberg!