How to Say No by Michelle Elman is out today in paperback with Puffin. Congratulations to Michelle!

Growing up is a minefield. You have to navigate new friendships, new teachers, your body changes, people are kissing, there never seems to be enough hours in the day … and why is everyone suddenly posting their breakfast on social media?!

Author, life coach and activist, Michelle Elman, is here to show you how to say no and take control. ‘No’ makes you strong. ‘No’ makes you confident. ‘No’ makes you realise your worth and what you deserve.

From setting boundaries with friendships, phones, family, your body and much more, and with funny and informative illustrations, this important, playful and empowering book is a one-stop guide to creating the rules to your own life, and knowing when it’s okay to say NO!

We’re looking forward to readers enjoying this empowering, playful guide to setting boundaries. You can buy a copy here.