Julia Stone’s utterly chilling psychological thriller Her Little Secret is published by Orion Dash today.

We’re so excited that this novel about obsessive love and the danger of crossing lines, launches today; it really is a must read! Julia has a background in psychology and psychotherapy and has a passion for writing and the arts. She has been shortlisted for a number of writing competitions and in 2018 won The Blue Pencil First Novel award.

Julia has been working on some fascinating behind the scenes content for Her Little Secret on her website, including psychological insights and the inspiration behind the novel. Be warned, there are spoilers!

Readers can’t get enough of Her Little Secret:

‘A must read.’
‘An entertaining thriller that is sure to keep readers on the edge of their seats.’
‘Fast paced, suspenseful and twisty. Gripping. I couldn’t put it down, definitely worth a read.’
‘Blurred lines and boundaries in this tense, psychological suspense which will keep the reader on their toes.’

We can’t wait for readers to get hooked on this gripping novel…

His therapist. Their love affair. Her Little Secret.

Cristina knows all about boundaries. As a therapist, it is vital that she keeps her clients at a professional distance.

Enter new client Leon: educated, charming, affluent — and newly bereaved, following the death of his married lover,  Michelle. Cristina soon learns that Leon has an ulterior motive for approaching her: Michelle was one of her clients, and Leon is desperate for her insights into the woman he loved.

Moved by the depth of his feelings, Cristina is drawn to help him through his grief. But as she struggles to ignore her own growing attraction to sophisticated, attentive Leon, her boundaries start to blur and then collapse, and the two embark on their own clandestine love affair.

But why does Leon switch so quickly from charm to criticism, attentiveness to distance? Can anyone truly be as perfect as he paints his beloved Michelle to have been, and what is hidden inside of her off-limits therapy file? Torn between her conscience and curiosity, Cristina is about to discover the truth is far beyond anything she could have imagined…

Congratulations Julia! You can order your copy of Her Little Secret here.