The rom-com we have all been waiting for, Is This It by Hannah Tovey is published today by Piatkus in eBook, audio and paperback.

A year after The Education of Ivy Edwards, Ivy is back and this time she is turning her life around: a new career and perhaps even a new romance? Hannah reminds readers that getting back up after being knocked down is a process, and the way she does it makes readers feel like they’re getting a big Welsh ‘cwtch’.

Hannah is proud of her Welsh roots and this book is a love letter to that. While reviewers called The Education of Ivy Edwards ‘an absolute joy’, praise is already pouring in for Is This It:

“I ABSOLUTELY BLOODY LOVED IS THIS IT? Ivy is pretty much my favourite character to spend time with and I adored following her as she stepped into her own. Hannah writes with heart cut with a sharp, dark humour that had me snorting with laughter. Hannah crafts characters with such life that at times I forgot I was reading at all. Needless to say, I’d share a bottle of wine with Ivy in a heartbeat.” Abigail Mann

“I LOVED IT. It’s incredibly relatable, so horribly funny and clever, and just so good in all kinds of ways. I’m telling everyone I know to preorder!” Lucy Vine

“I wolfed it down in two days because I was totally hooked and I couldn’t bear to be apart from Ivy, my personal hero and new fictional BFF. Sharp, funny, steamy and fast – it has everything I could ever want in RomCom.” Helly Acton

Congratulations Hannah – we know readers will be as eager to find out what Ivy does next as we are!

Here is a little taste of Is This It:

-Employed (you have frequent nightmares about your job)
Single and fabulous (swiping Tinder in your pyjamas while your best friend shops for engagement rings)
Thriving (surviving)

Ivy and Mia have been best friends since the fun, messy, hungover years of their twenties.

Ten years later, Mia has it all – the man, the house, the career. Ivy is skint, single, and scared that she isn’t a ‘hot mess’ any more – she’s a walking disaster.

But one night, Ivy switches her phone off, peels last night’s drunken pizza off the sofa, and makes a list. A list that changes everything . . .

The new Ivy has a proper job. She goes on fancy dates in wine bars. She’s starting to think: maybe ‘faking it till you make it’ is easy?

But then she meets Scott.

Curly-haired, sarcastic Scott.