We are delighted to spread the news that The Lamplighters, the haunting literary debut from Emma Stonex, is published in US paperback today (Penguin Random House / Viking).

This stunning novel tells the true story of three lighthouse keepers who go missing off the coast of Cornwall, and the women who loved them. It first launched in 2021 to a whirlwind reception, ranking No.5 in the Barnes and Noble chart immediately after publishing. Emma wrote a wonderful guest blog post on The Barnes and Noble website, in which she discusses the inspiration behind her gorgeous debut. Just days after its UK publication, The Lamplighters also hit No.5 on The Times bestseller list, where it charted in the Top 40 for an incredible 17 weeks.

The Lamplighters was featured in a wave of roundups, including USA Today, CrimeReads, Stylist, The Observer, The Sunday Times, and Good Housekeeping, among others, and was an Apple Books ‘Must Listen’ audiobook (March 2021). It has captivated readers the world over, with translation rights scooped up by a hugely impressive 25 territories. Readers in the UK won’t have to wait for long to get their hands on a paperback copy either, as The Lamplighters will be available in UK paperback on March 31st.

Reviews of The Lamplighters have been pouring in, with readers describing Emma’s novel as ‘intensely gripping’, ‘uniquely crafted’, and ‘as moving as it is suspenseful’. Take a look at a selection of them below:

‘The Lamplighters transported me effortlessly to the mysterious Maiden Rock and life on the Cornish coast. Stonex creates a most engaging collection of voices and perspectives over time that unveil what happened in true pager-turner fashion, a mystery told through vivid prose that had me completely absorbed from start to finish. Haunting, harrowing and heartbreaking, this is a novel that will most certainly stay with you.’ Ashley Audrain, New York Times bestselling author of The Push

‘Ruth Rendell, Shirley Jackson, Stuart Neville, all come to mind as Stonex ramps up the tension and hauntings. The Lamplighters holds its secrets close, forcing the investigator and the reader to pry determinedly at those deep-driven slivers of loss, jealousy, anger, and yes, even the violence of the cold and powerful ocean, until the last layers of revelation finally are torn apart.’ New York Journal of Books

‘Stonex’s story has the mesmerism of a churned winter sea. Sunday Times

‘Beautifully written and evocative, this is a mystery, a love story and a ghost story, all at once. It kept me gripped throughout, and I didn’t want it to end. Wonderful.’ S. J. Watson, Sunday Times and New York Times bestselling author of Before I Go to Sleep

‘British author Stonex’s spectacular debut wraps a haunting mystery in precise, starkly beautiful prose…Readers will eagerly await Stonex’s next.’ Publishers Weekly, starred and boxed review

 ‘A beautifully written, utterly compelling tale.’ Jenny Colgan, New York Times bestselling author of The Bookshop on the Corner

‘Hatred, distrust and lies and an unexpected sort of love binds these women in an elegant novel that is as interested in the notion of hope and acceptance as it is in murder and revenge.’ The Guardian

‘Beautiful, absorbing and utterly riveting, The Lamplighters is a hymn to loneliness, to the sea, and to the stories we allow ourselves to believe when we are alone. I treasured every moment of this dazzlingly accomplished and completely unforgettable novel.’ Rosie Walsh, New York Times bestselling author of Ghosted

‘This is a haunting mystery where the unsaid words, the unshared emotions, and the unfulfilled lives reverberate across the decades not unlike the ghosts rumored to haunt the tower lighthouse. And whether you prefer an atmospheric sea-set mystery or an unsettling story of madness and the mythic, this is a book that’s sure to satisfy.’ Criminal Element

‘Emma Stonex has written a gorgeous page-turner that is at once a mystery and a novel about mysteries— about how we all write our own endings and suffer betrayals, but still light the lamps so the people we love can find their way home.’ Charlotte Rogan, author of The Lifeboat

‘Remarkable . . . Every page resonates with the dark, powerful presence of the sea.’ Raynor Winn, Sunday Times bestselling author of The Salt Path

We are so excited for more readers to discover the mysterious world of Maiden Rock…

Inspired by a haunting true story, a gorgeous and atmospheric novel about the mysterious disappearance of three lighthouse keepers from a remote tower miles from the Cornish coast–and about the wives who were left behind.

What strange fate befell these doomed men? The heavy sea whispers their names. Black rocks roll beneath the surface, drowning ghosts. And out of the swell like a finger of light, the salt-scratched tower stands lonely and magnificent.

It’s New Year’s Eve, 1972, when a boat pulls up to the Maiden Rock lighthouse with relief for the keepers. But no one greets them. When the entrance door, locked from the inside, is battered down, rescuers find an empty tower. A table is laid for a meal not eaten. The Principal Keeper’s weather log describes a storm raging round the tower, but the skies have been clear. And the clocks have all stopped at 8:45.

Two decades later, the keepers’ wives are visited by a writer determined to find the truth about the men’s disappearance. Moving between the women’s stories and the men’s last weeks together in the lighthouse, long-held secrets surface and truths twist into lies as we piece together what happened, why, and who to believe.

In her riveting and suspenseful novel, Emma Stonex writes a story of isolation and obsession, of reality and illusion, and of what it takes to keep the light burning when all else is swallowed by dark.

Congratulations, Emma! We can’t wait to see what is next for this breath-taking book. Readers in the US can buy their copies here.