In the mood for a romance that’ll break your heart and glue it back together? Well then, we are delighted to tell you that Debbie Johnson’s latest romance novel The Moment I Met You, is out today in ebook, audio and paperback with Orion Fiction.


Bestselling author Debbie Johnson is best known for her uplifting women’s fiction that induces just the right balance of laughs and tears. Having written the hugely successful Comfort Food Cafe series, her last book Maybe One Day was translated into five different territories and gained praise from many of her fellow authors, such as bestselling romance novelists Millie Johnson and Catherine Isaac. Her latest novel The Moment I Met You has likewise been receiving gushing praise ahead of publication, with many of Debbie’s contemporaries being swept off their feet by her emotional and evocative writing.

“Utterly spell-binding, it sent shock waves through my heart.” – Cathy Bramley

“Romantic and heartbreaking . . . packed with Debbie’s trademark warmth and wisdom” – Catherine Isaac

“Emotional, beautiful, wonderful – this is Debbie Johnson at her finest.“ – Milly Johnson

“A beautiful story with emotional twists that pulled at my heartstrings” – Jessica Ryn

With all of the buzz that’s building up, we’re sure that readers will fall in love with this emotional and heart-warming new book. And if you want to join in on all of the excitement be sure to catch Debbie on her blog tour on the dates below!

A summer romance that leaves you with memories that last a lifetime wasn’t what Elena was expecting when she went on holiday all those years ago, but a decade later and she’s still wondering about the what-ifs of her clandestine meeting with a stranger who’s changed her life forever.

It only takes a second…

For life to change forever.

Elena Godwin could never have known that her dream holiday to Mexico would change her life forever. She thought that she was in charge of her own destiny. But on a gorgeous summer evening, her whole world is ripped from her feet in a single moment.

 Ten years later, she still can’t forget the face of the stranger who held her whilst everything she knew was destroyed. Thrown back together again, Elena starts to uncover the truth around that fateful night – and questions whether she made the right decision all those years ago.

She only met him for a moment, but maybe it’s not too late…

Congratulations Debbie on the publication of your latest novel!