We’re delighted to announce that BAHARI, an Omani cookbook by British-born Omani-Zanzibari chef Dina Macki, is published today with DK in the UK.

BAHARI explores the unique foodscape of Oman, in the first Omani cookbook to be written by an Omani chef. It’s title takes it’s meaning from “ocean” in Swahili and delves into a culinary exploration of the rich flavours and history of Omani cuisine, a food culture shaped by boundless coastlines and complex maritime history, with origins and influences spanning Pakistan, Iran, India, the Swahili coast, and Portugal. With more than 100 recipes for meat, fish, vegetables, homemade breads and dips, desserts, and drinks, Macki invites us into her kitchen, showing us how to create exquisite Omani dishes at home. Tapping into the stories behind the recipes and ingredients, Macki brings a fresh perspective in nuanced essays on migration and identity, exploring how food connects us to our past and our communities.

Combining personal essays and contemporary twists on traditional recipes, BAHARI takes us on a journey through the flavors of Oman, in a tale that is as fascinating as it is delicious.

“I find Dina’s work so inspiring, her feed is a source of joy and education. Dina has been teasing us for ages, the world (and I) are screaming out for a book on Omani food, especially after drooling over it for so long – virtually on Dina’s feed. On top of this, I cannot advocate enough for Dina’s beaming energy, beautiful nature and extreme likeability – definitely one to watch.”
Ravneet Gill

“Dina’s vivacious spirit shines through every plate she cooks. Her dishes are equal parts personal and cultural and truly bring to life the diversity offered by the beautiful land and people of Oman”. Noor Murad

“What’s not to love about Dina Macki, the bright and ebullient rising star of the food world who has shone a light on the little known cuisine of Oman. Dina’s food is the dazzling kind, all glossy and lacquered with recipes so vibrant the spices leap off the page. She has an easy style of storytelling, a warm tone that feels like you are talking to an old friend” Lara Lee

Congratulations Dina Macki on this huge achievement!

You can get your copy of BAHARI here