UK readers can finally get their hands on Molly Morris‘ contemporary YA, Annie LeBlanc Is Not Dead Yet which publishes in paperback today with Chicken House!

Set in Wil’s hometown of Lennon, California, every ten years someone to chosen to be brought back to life for thirty days. When Wil’s ex-best friend, Annie LeBlanc is selected she couldn’t be happier, even thought they stopped talking before her death. Discovering a loophole, Wil has a summer to keep Annie alive permanently. But first, Wil must face the difficult truths of their past friendship.

Before moving the the UK as a California native, Molly lived in Washington DC. Her first YA novel is titled This is Not the End.

Annie LeBlanc Is Not Dead Yet first published in hardback a month ago in June 2024 with Wednesday Books in the US.

Congratulations on the publication, Molly! UK readers can grab a copy here.