With March soon coming to a close, our agency authors continue to dominate the bestseller lists this week, with podcast appearances, interviews and new kindle editions ensuring they reach a whole host of new readers. Here are the weekly highlights, and your chance to catch up on everything the MM Community has been working on this week.


To kick us off,  we’re excited to debut this spectacular cover for Owen Nicholl’s newest book, Perfect Timing, which is set to be published in the UK by Hachette / Headline in June 2021 and in the US by PRH / Ballantine in September 2021 . Nicholl’s latest novel brings new meaning to the term “missed opportunities” as it follows the characters of Jess, an aspiring comedian and Tom, an aspiring musician. Although their continuous clandestine meetings over the course of their careers sparks a connection between them, the possibility of their love story starting always seems to be just out of reach. For two people who have a gift for timing when it comes to music or comedy, it’s not always so easy when it comes to love.


Another gorgeous cover to drop this week belongs to Andrea Michael’s debut contemporary novel, The Things That Matter,  released in May 2021. Michael’s upcoming novel follows a couple, Dan and Taz, who come from opposite ends of the societal spectrum. Despite their different class backgrounds, they fall in love. With hidden secrets, and the possibility of betrayal, this small family of two must confront the demons of their past or risk losing each other forever.


Stephanie Wrobel‘s chilling novel The Recovery of Rose Gold (Penguin / Michael Joseph) has been nominated for a Best First Novel award at the Barry awards. Wrobel’s  book explores the twisted relationship between a mother and her daughter, who was forced to believe she was ill for the first eighteen years of her life. A disturbing tale of revenge and obsession, this intriguing thriller is sure to have you on the edge of your seat.


And speaking of chilling mother-daughter stories, Ashley Audrain, author of the suspenseful bestseller The Push spoke in conversation with fellow thriller writer Sarah Vaughn, (author of Little Disasters), last week for Waterstones, where they delved into the dark themes of their latest works.


In some exciting publication news, Louise Gooding‘s amazing new book Just Like Me (published by Studio Press) was launched on Thursday 18th March.



Gooding’s exciting and informative debut non-fiction anthology brings together a collection of true stories about inspiring people and famous figures from around the world, all with something that makes them physically or neurologically diverse. Reflective of our beautifully diverse society, and featuring famous figures such as Simone Biles, Selena Gomez and Stephen Hawking, Just Like Me is a must-read for March and was chosen as The Week Junior’s book of the week.




Maisie Chan, author of Danny Chung Does Not Do Math, has also been labelled as ‘One to Watch’ by The Bookseller. Chan’s heart-warming and hilarious new book follows eleven-year-old artist Daniel who would rather spend his time drawing than doing anything maths-related, so you can imagine his surprise when he ends up being roommates with his ex-maths-champion Grandmother from China. But Danny soon learns that there is more to his Nai Nai than meets the eye. A delightful story of intergenerational family relationships, growing-up and finding your voice, Danny Chung Does Not Do Math is definitely one to watch.


Helly Acton’s charming and comedic new novel, The Couple, set to be published in May 2021, introduces us to perfectionist Millie, who doesn’t believe in love. So much so, that when she finds out about the opportunity to help develop a new pill that prevents you from falling in love, she jumps at the opportunity. However, this job soon becomes not at all what she expected when she meets the charming and funny Ben, who soon sparks an unexpected connection between the two of them. Carrie Hope Fletcher, author of The Sunday Times Bestseller, When The Curtain Falls describes it as “the book I will say, from here on out, I wish I’d written. The concept is genius and the writing is funny and thought provoking. I don’t usually give books ratings but when it’s a 5 star, it’s a 5 star.”


The good press for Emma Stonex’s, Sunday Times bestselling, The Lamplighters continues to roll in with Emma being chosen by Apple Books as ”Writer to Watch” for March. In some other exciting audio news The Lamplighters was also recently featured on the Professional Book Nerds podcast. So be sure to tune in as Emma talks about the mysteries of the sea and loneliness, two themes that are ever-so-present in her book.

The Lamplighters continues to be a popular podcast topic as it is featured in this week’s Waterstone’s Podcast, where you can hear all about the spooky real-life events that inspired the book and also gives listeners the exciting opportunity to hear from not only Emma and her agent Madeleine, but also the editor, publicist, marketer and designer behind the book. An equally spine-chilling and informative listen.



In some amazing bestseller news this week, our newest YA and Middle-grade authors are making a huge splash with their debuts. JJA Harwood’s dark fantasy YA debut, The Shadow Glass, is currently No.16  on the Sunday Times Bestseller HB Fiction Chart and No. 12 on the Heatseekers chart. Harwood’s new book, published earlier this month by Harper and Voyager, spins together a bone-chilling and mysterious gothic re-telling of Cinderella, where fairy-godmothers can be no-more trusted than wicked step-mothers and magical wishes have dire consequences.

Published earlier this month, Katie Kirby’s hilarious new middle-grade book, The Extremely Embarrassing Life of Lottie Brooks  is currently No.5 in the Bookseller’s Children’s and YA chart, as well as No.12 in the Sunday Times children’s bestsellers list.

You can also catch Katie on a recent episode of the Netmums Podcast.


Stonex’s The Lamplighters also  follows closely behind on the Heatseeker’s list at No.10, with Beth Morrey’s charming and melancholic debut Saving Missy, taking one of the top three spots at No. 3.

The new kindle edition of Miranda Malins’ enthralling historical novel Puritan Princess has also hit #91 in the Kindle store. Published last year by Orion Books, Malins’ novel tells a tale of political intrigue and royal betrayal, as it follows the life of Frances, the youngest daughter of Oliver Cromwell. An originally gripping read to a now equally gripping listen.

Another historical title, Black Drop by Leonora Nattrass, has been receiving high praise from fellow authors too. William Ryan called it  ‘a gripping, intricate story of Georgian high politics and low life‘. This historical mystery, perfect for fans of Laura Shepherd Robinson and C.J. Sansom, is published by Serpent’s Tail / Viper in October 2021, and has already received praise from Andrew Taylor (‘A joy’) and Emma Stonex (‘thrilling’).

We’re also extremely excited to announce that Associate Agent Olivia Maidment is currently looking to expand her list, check out what she’s actively looking for here.

And to round off this week with some new international rights news, the Hebrew rights for The Lamplighters have been sold to Matar.