Geoffrey Malone

We are delighted to welcome Geoffrey Malone to the Madeleine Milburn Agency. Geoffrey is a long-established, award winning children’s author.

Geoffrey won the prestigious French Children’s Book of the Year, TamTam Prize, for TORN EAR, the story of a fox. This was followed soon afterwards by the award of the, Prix d’ Enfants et Grand-Parents Europeen. In England, he was shortlisted for the 2001 Stockton Children’s Book of the Year, with ELEPHANT BEN, a story about ivory poaching.

His subjects have included badger baiting in England; the slaughter of Indian tigers, and life inside a wolf pack, in Wyoming, USA. His latest book, DEAD BOYS’ CLUB, sees a return to Africa and a vivid description of the horrors of modern day slavery, as a Child Soldier.

DEAD BOYS' CLUB by Geoffrey Malone   Elephant Ben by Geoffrey Malone   Torn Ear by Geoffrey Malone