Virgin by Radhika Sanghani, which was optioned by Blackpills last year for their new on-demand video platform, is now airing across the globe this month. Published by Harlequin in the UK and Penguin Random House / Berkley in the US, Publisher’s Weekly described the novel as a ‘story for millennials…a wonderful blend of modern angst with old-fashioned sweetness’.


Paris-based Blackpills are an exciting up-and-coming digital studio formed by Deezer co-founder Daniel Marhely and Patrick Holzman. With a similar service and mobile app to Netflix, Blackpills offer short episodes of 4-16 minutes per episode, they chose Radhika Sanghani’s fantastic debut Virgin as one of their lead productions to launch with


The cutting edge adaptation of Virgin was released in France earlier this month, and you can download the app here to watch the series. It’s launched in the US today as an app and on Vice’s video channels, and they’re planning to expand their distribution to wider Europe later this year. We eagerly await Virgin hitting our screens in the UK!