Kate Gilby Smith is set to have two Middle Grade titles published by Hachette / Orion Children’s Books, starting with her debut, The Astonishing Future of Alex Nobody.

Kate’s stunning novel was acquired by Commissioning Editor Lena McCauley from Chloe Seager.

The first book is an entertainingly original time-travel adventure following Alex, an ordinary girl who seems to attract peculiar amounts of attention from strangers, despite her mundane life. She discovers that they are time-travellers from a future in which she is famous, desperate to catch a glimpse of her. But when her friend Jasper disappears mysteriously into the future, Alex must brave the unknown to bring him back, and learn the secrets of her destiny. It will be released on the 10th June 2021.

McCauley commented: “I absolutely love Kate’s unexpected approach to time-travel, which doesn’t see Alex traveling into the past—but instead into her own exciting future. I can’t wait for readers to be inspired by Alex’s story and discover the magic of their own astonishing futures.”

Smith added: “I’m beyond excited to be published by the team at Hachette Children’s Group. From the start, I wanted to write a book that encourages children to be curious, dream big and embrace their talents and interests, even when they make them stand out.”

Kate Gilby Smith was born on the sunny island of Guernsey in 1992. It was while daydreaming during a philosophy of time travel seminar at The University of Edinburgh that she first had the idea for her debut book.

After graduating with a First Class degree in Philosophy, she moved to London where she works as a publicist for science, philosophy and history books. Her writing for children is inspired by her love of all three of these topics. She occasionally writes non-fiction, including a recent piece that was published by The Times. When not writing, her favourite things are basketball, swimming in the sea and eating ice cream.