We are delighted that Fiona Valpy‘s highly anticipated new book, The Skylark’s Secret, is being published today by Amazon Publishing / Lake Union.

Fiona’s signature page-turning prose and consuming imagery are on full display in this resonant wartime tale about Flora, a young woman from a highland village whose life is irretrievably changed after falling in love with an outsider, creating a web of secrets which her estranged daughter attempts to untangle decades later.

Loch Ewe, 1940. When gamekeeper’s daughter Flora’s remote highland village finds itself the base for the Royal Navy’s Arctic convoys, life in her close-knit community changes forever. In defiance of his disapproving father, the laird’s son falls in love with Flora, and as tensions build in their disrupted home, any chance of their happiness seems doomed.

Decades later, Flora’s daughter, singer Lexie Gordon, is forced to return to the village and to the tiny cottage where she grew up. Having long ago escaped to the bright lights of the West End, London still never truly felt like home. Now back, with a daughter of her own, Lexie learns that her mother—and the hostile-seeming village itself—have long been hiding secrets that make her question everything she thought she knew.

As she pieces together the fragments of her parents’ story, Lexie discovers the courageous, devastating sacrifices made in her name. It’s too late to rekindle her relationship with her mother, but can Lexie find it in her heart to forgive the past, to grieve for all that’s lost, and finally find her place in the world?

Fiona is already a celebrated writer, who has sold over 1 million copies across her titles; we are still so pleased by the recent news of her reaching over 500,000 book sales of her previous novel, The Dressmaker’s Gift.

This book is sure to be another hit with old and new fans, judging by its reviews:

“I absolutely loved this book from start to finish. As well as being totally transfixed and transported by the storytelling I learned so much too!” Amazon reviewer, 5 stars

“I loved The Skylark’s Secret; it’s about love, sacrifice, secrets, WW II, self discovery and the story is set in beautiful Scotland.” Amazon reviewer, 5 stars

“This was a beautiful story and the author’s writing captured me from the first page. The settings from Scotland are superbly done bringing this fictional town and all its inhabitants to life.” Amazon reviewer, 5 stars

“I’ve already read a couple of books by this author and loved them, so I knew this would be a wonderful read. Her writing transports you to another time and place, with characters who will remain in your heart for a long time after you’ve finished reading.” Amazon reviewer, 5 stars

“This is a drama with so many memorable characters… it’s so emotional, tragic at times, and a really good story of romance in trying circumstances and the tragic human cost of war.” Amazon reviewer, 5 stars

An acclaimed Number 1 bestselling Kindle author, Fiona Valpy’s books have been translated into over twenty languages worldwide. Fiona spent seven years living in France, having moved there from the UK in 2007. Her love for the country, its people and their history has found its way into the books she’s written. She draws inspiration from the stories of strong women, especially during the years of the Second World War, and her meticulous historical research enriches her writing with an evocative sense of time and place. Fiona now lives in Scotland, but still enjoys regular visits to France in search of the sun.

We’re certain that readers will fall in love with this winding historical drama as much as we have.