C.J Daugherty first submitted her manuscript, NIGHT SCHOOL, back in January 2011.  We worked on it editorially for the first few months before I submitted exclusively to Stephenie Meyer’s UK editor, Sam Smith at Atom / Little Brown.  From the moment I read the manuscript I knew she would be the right editor and that Christi and Sam would be a match made in heaven.  Never underestimate the importance of the editor – author relationship.  In terms of long-term success it is just as important than the advance, if not more so.  The editor has to be as passionate as you and the author as they will champion the author for years to come within their publishing company winning over all key support and battle their author to the top for years to come.

At the Frankfurt Book Fair 2011, foreign rights in NIGHT SCHOOL were acquired by 14 different foreign publishers from around the world.  The US rights were acquired by Katherine Tegen at HarperCollins in a high six figure deal at auction.