Congratulations to Dave Lowe for the fabulous publication of his first novel for kids, MY HAMSTER IS A GENIUS.  This is the first in the ‘Stinky & Jinks’ series about Benjamin Jinks and his genius pet hamster, Jasper Stinkybottom.  These stories will literally have you and your children in stitches.

Templar Publishing will publish two books a year in the series.  The first one has just been released in the UK and Hachette Children’s Books will soon release it in Dave’s home town in Australia.  Dave will be on tour in the UK this September to promote MY HAMSTER IS A GENIUS.  He will be appearing  at book festivals including The Bath Festival of Children’s Literature.

Here’s an extract from MY HAMSTER IS A GENIUS:

‘”You’re looking twitchy,” I said.

“I’m a hamster,” he said.  “We’re twitchy.  That’s what we do.”

“Twitchier than usual, I mean.  You must be nervous about tomorrow.”

“Nervous?” he said.  “Me? Whatever for? Being jiggled up and down in a lunchbox all day? Or being surrounded by hundreds of giant kids?”

He was pretty sarcastic, for a hamster.

But when I thought about what Stinky was going to do for me, I was really grateful for the little ball of fluff.  He’d helped me so much, and so I made a big decision, even if it did mean my homework would go back to being rubbish.  Giving Stinky his freedom seemed like the only way to repay him for all his help. 

“It isn’t fair that you’re stuck in that cage, Stinky,” I told him now.  “So, after tomorrow I’m going to let you go free.  Outside.  Forever.  I’ll miss you, Stinky, and my homework won’t be…”

“ARE YOU ABSOLUTELY INSANE?” he spluttered.  “Have you lost your mind?  Are you completely bananas?”  He jabbed one tiny paw towards the window.  “Why would I want to go out there?”…   Continue this story

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