After a zealous four-way auction, Simon & Schuster acquired Season of Fear and an untitled novel by debut author, Emily Cooper.

To be published in hardback in Autumn 2025, Season of Fear is a YA fantasy is a dark and twisted fairytale inspired by Bavarian folklore. 18-year-old Ilse was born without the ability to feel fear and lives in a village on the border of the Hexenwald, a horrifying forest where monsters are kept at bay. When ancient village protector Saint of Fear discovers Ilse’s divergence prevents her from feeding her terror for its service, it levels a threat: she must find her fear, or it will devour her sister.

“This book is an exploration of everything that has ever scared me, but more importantly, it’s a love letter to being different,” shared Emily about her debut, which features elements of horror and sapphic romance, alongside her own experience of neurodivergence.

Director of Children’s & YA, Chloe Seager said that “Emily is a phenomenally talented author and I’ve been put under a spell by her haunting, lyrical writing. I know that readers are going to devour this story as voraciously as we all did.”

Adult Fiction’s Commissioning Editor, Charlotte Tumbles who bought the UK and Commonwealth rights had been “waiting for this book to land in my inbox! Emily is a real talent with beautiful writing and deliciously macabre ideas. She has a stellar career ahead of her and I feel honoured to be able to help launch it!”

We’re thrilled to find Emily’s debut novels a home and cannot wait for their publications! Season of Fear will be published next Autumn in 2025.

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