Sea of Memories by Fiona Valpy has now sold more than 50,000 copies.

Her first title to be published by Lake Union Publishing in March this year, the book has amassed over 517 customer reviews on Amazon, and has an average 4.8 star reader review rating. On publication, it sat in the top 10 on Amazon for weeks, reaching No.3 in the UK.

Fiona’s editor at Lake Union, Victoria Pepe, said: “Sea of Memories has stayed with me for months, because of the exploits and character of our heroine, Ella. Her time as a spy during the Second World War is absolutely fascinating and a thrill to discover…it’s testament to Valpy’s skillful writing that we, the readers, are swept headlong into a magnificent love story and the tale of a truly inspirational woman.”

Here are some of our favorite reviews so far from just a few of those 50,000 readers:

“I got utterly lost in the beautiful descriptions of the Ile de Re and the love story that was so moving. Do not read without a box of tissues at the ready! Best book I’ve read in ages.”

“What an absolute delight and treat it was to read this beautiful story. It gripped me from the first words and held me spellbound through to the end.”

“Such a beautiful gentle read. Pale golds and turquoise shimmering from the pages. I am a painter whose work is based around narrative and have been very inspired to produce some of my next paintings based on particular lines throughout the book.”

Congratulations, Fiona, on this incredible milestone!