Rupert Wallis, author of The Boy With One Name and The Black Amulet middle-grade books set in the mythical Badlands, has launched a new podcast, ‘Creative Writing & Storytelling for the Family‘.

Research shows time and again that storytelling is an important life skill that is linked to success. Whether it be communicating socially to make friends at school, or confidently pitching a business plan to secure a deal, the ability to interact in a creative manner is crucial in order to thrive.

The six-part series covers an array of themes, from ‘Imagination and Ideas’ in episode one, to ‘Writing Effectively’, and ‘Story Endings’ in the penultimate episode. In each fifteen-minute podcast parents and children are encouraged to freely nurture their creative skills together, in the comfort of their home and at their own pace.


Although the fun creative exercises are designed to bring the family together, they can also be enjoyed individually or while on the go.

The series is available on Rupert’s website and on iTunes. Competitions are also underway on Rupert’s Facebook page so do be sure to enter for the chance to win a prize!

With the summer holidays just beginning, why not listen to ‘Creative Writing & Storytelling for the Family’ and unlock your creativity?