After a super weekend at YALC, Holly Bourne’s WHAT’S A GIRL GOTTA DO? is officially out in the world, published today by Usborne.


Lottie is fed up. She’s fed up of her parents pressurising her to get into Cambridge, she’s fed up of bad things happening to good people, but most of all she’s fed up with everything you have to put up with by being a girl.


So Lottie starts a month-long video project, where she promises to call out every single incident of sexism that she sees. But, as the project’s popularity grows, Lottie starts to unravel under the pressure of what it means to stand up for something you believe in. Can her Spinster Club friends help her hold it together? And, if she can’t even get her (annoyingly-sexy) cameraman to believe in feminism, how can she convince the rest of the world?


What has a girl gotta do to change what it means to be a girl?


This final instalment in the Spinster Club trilogy is a unashamedly feminist call to arms. It’s a book about fighting for your beliefs, it’s a book about finding what you’re capable of. And, more than anything, it’s a book about how to believe in yourself and believe in your ability to change the world.


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