Eddy Stone is back and he’s on a whole new adventure when a cat he rescues from the rain turns out to be an alien in disguise. The hilarious new adventure, Eddy Stone and the Alien Cat Mash-Up by Simon Cherry, is out today! And here’s Simon’s very own cat, the inspiration for the novel, looking on in disapproval…


Having to look after his mischievous and destructive little cousin Millie is more than enough to spoil Eddy Stone’s Christmas holiday. But Eddy’s life is about to get a lot trickier.


The soggy cat that he rescues from a rainstorm turns out to be a space alien on a mission to destroy the Earth and Eddy’s weekend really starts to take off.


Eddy and Millie soon find themselves imprisoned in a zoo in outer space. Can they escape – and will anyone on Earth believe their story if they do?


Follow Eddy’s attempts to save the planet in a wild and wacky adventure featuring a giant talking cockroach, a shrinking elephant, pies, slime, crazy knitting, a superhero dog, pet food for dinner, and a hideous cuddly toy. And cats. Lots and lots of cats.


3-2-1: Counting down to an adventure that’s out of this world…


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