Yo-ho-ho! Today is the publication day for Simon Cherry’s wonderfully funny EDDY STONE AND THE EPIC HOLIDAY MASH-UP, which is being published by Usborne Publishing.


When Eddy Stone finds a pirate sitting in the bath in his Gran’s crumbling cottage, his miserable summer holiday turns into a treasure hunt!


Setting sail in a ship-shaped snack bar, crewed by an old lady and a grumpy penguin with dreams of stardom, what could possibly stop them on their search for booty?


… Apart from the world’s most evil confectioner and his mind-melting sweets, a tantrum-throwing Emperor with a very deep dungeon, the fearless and flamboyant Raisins of Death, or a drooling man-eating Beast so repulsive that only its mother could love it – and even she would need to be half-blind and have lost her sense of smell!


And then there’s the maddest, baddest pirate in all the seven seas, who just happens to know a secret that will turn the whole adventure upside down…


An endearing, original and hilarious take on the pirate quest with more twists than a pocketful of monkeys!


Heave ho and buy that copy here!