We’re thrilled to see Owen Nicholls’ latest novel, Perfect Timing published today in ebook and audio with Headline Review/Hachette

Novelist and screenwriter Owen Nicholl’s is back with another heartfelt romcom, as he trades movie-set heartbreaks, for live-performance romance in his newest novel.   Owen’s first book Love, Unscripted followed film projectionist, Nick, whose picture-perfect life is turned upside down when his girlfriend puts an end to their cinematic romance. Having been a Valentines favourite upon debut, Love, Unscripted was previously selected as one of the ‘Best Romance Books’ of February on Amazon US and also chosen as iBooks ‘Book of the Year 2019’. His latest book, Perfect Timing is definitely one to add to your TBR list, with many of Owen’s fellow writers praising it as an equally moving and witty new romcom:

‘Smart, funny and moving – a modern-day love story with an old-fashioned warmth.’Debbie Johnson

‘It was sad, funny, irritating (in a good way), and sweet all rolled into one. Heartbreakingly hopeful and raw. The perfect mix of Love, Actually and Just Like You.’ – Katherine Slee

‘Thought-provoking yet tender, witty and warm, and with characters you’ll care about and be rooting for until the end, Perfect Timing is a romantic rollercoaster of a novel. I loved it.’ – Matt Dunn

‘An epic-scale romcom, full of heart, humour, brilliant characters and an abundance of Spaced and Mogwai references. Massively recommend’ Tom Ellen

‘PERFECT TIMING is modern romance at its absolute best. Breathtakingly romantic and beautifully written, there’s a melancholy that permeates every page and makes you want to give Jess and Tom the world’s tightest hug. The dialogue feels effortless, it’s gorgeously nostalgic and pretty life affirming.’ – Hannah Tovey

‘A wonderfully written will-they won’t-they… good god they HAVE to book! The characters were so full of depth and humour I was rooting for them from the start. Loved it!’ Emily Houghton



Set to the beats of music and laughter, we can’t wait for you to read all about the romantic troubles of first loves, clandestine meetings and missed opportunities between aspiring musician Tom and ambitious comedian Jess.

 For Jess and Tom, timing is everything.

 For her, it’s the moment she delivers the perfect punchline. For him, it’s the heartbeat in the music he makes with his band.

 And from the night they meet, sharing the same stage at the Edinburgh Festival, their attraction is undeniable. At first, it seems their timing is as perfect in the wings as it is in front of a crowd.

 But as Jess and Tom’s careers take off, the moment for true connection is always just out of reach. With fate pushing them together, only to pull them apart, will the timing ever be right?

 After all, when it comes to love, the timing has to be perfect. . . Doesn’t it?

 Huge congratulations to Owen on the publication of his second novel! Considering the book is all about missed opportunities, make sure you don’t miss your chance to get your own copy of Perfect Timing here!