Summer has finally returned to London, and to celebrate we’re publishing another author interview summer post. This time we’ve interrogated Radhika Sanghani, author of the hilariously witty VIRGIN, the x-rated Bridget Jones book for the Y Generation, and up-coming sequel NOT THAT EASY:


What’s your daily routine when you are writing? 

My job as a journalist takes up most of my week so I normally only write on Sundays. Hopefully I’m not hungover so I’ll go and sit in a cafe with a pot of green tea (I only order the one. The staff hate me) for hours while I try and bash out a few thousand words. Or I write on my iPhone when I’m bored in rush hour..

If you weren’t writing, what other job would you dream to have?

I recently met someone who gives restaurants advice on what to do better. Basically he eats food and tells them what he likes the most. I would love that job.

Favourite book as a child?

Matilda. But also anything Enid Blyton.

Favourite food/snack while writing?

If I’m really into my writing, I forget to eat. That’s when I know things are going well. Otherwise – cake.

Do you ever get writer’s block?

Yes! I either force myself to write through it – then I end up deleting the rubbish I’ve just written – or I tell myself it means my body wants a rest so I go and have guilty fun.

Do you listen to music when you write? If yes, what’s your favourite piece to listen to?

I normally just put on a classical playlist on spotify. Or one of those ‘afternoon acoustic’ ones with songs no one knows.

Most unglamorous part of being a writer?

Drafts. I hate reading through and editing, especially when its copy editing. Yawn.

Do you have any secret talents (other than writing)?

I have been told that I’m pretty good at making my friends laugh when they feel rubbish.

What is your favourite spot to read in?

SO MANY. I love reading on beaches, trains, bed, sofas, cafes. My absolute favourite though is when it’s winter and I’m all cosy on the sofa with a book and mulled wine. Heaven.

What has been your most touching review or message from a fan so far?

A few people have said how reading Virgin made them feel normal, like they weren’t alone. I cried.

Favourite holiday destination? Are you a beach bunny or a city explorer? 

Barcelona because it’s a city – with a beach. Two in one, and I used to live there so I’m biased.

Summer tipple of choice?

I just got back from Cuba and fell in love with Pina Coladas again.

What book are you reading right now/planning to read over the summer?

I’m in the middle of The Shadow of The Crescent Moon by Fatima Bhutto

Most importantly, favourite ice cream flavour?


Piña Colada

Some of Radhika’s favourite things!