Bestselling crime writer Mel Sherratt appeared at the London Book Fair last week as part of a panel of writers (Stephanie Hudson, Keith Houghton, and Rachel Abbott) in discussion with Amazon’s UK Kindle Direct Publishing director.

A former self-published author, Mel has since gone on to sell over 250,000 copies of her books in the UK, US and Australia.

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“Dawson and Sherratt’s story of a previous life of humdrum is what appeals to the potential authors who attend the London Book Fair… Seeing their success first-hand presents a tangible and realistic route to fame and fortune because others, just like them, have done it.”

Mel Sherratt

Mel was also recently interviewed by The Sentinel about her latest novel Follow the Leader, why she refuses to set her crime novels in big cities, and making sure the police procedures in her novels are authentic.

 “Someone called me the Stoke-on-Trent version of Peter James.”

 “I have been bullied, I think most people have – or been a bully. I wanted people to realise that when you walk out of the school gates, that effect that you have on people can remain.”

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Mel Sherratt