Max Manning’s edge-of-your-seat thriller, The Victim, is published in the US today by Sourcebooks.

The novel follows the story of Gem, as she is forced to make an impossible choice…

Make the wrong choice, and you won’t live to make another…

Gem Golding only has two choices. A stranger holds a knife to her skin, his demands terrifying in the deserted parking garage. Should she surrender? Or should she fight back?

This attacker is no ordinary criminal. This night, like so many of them, is all a game to him. He makes the rules, the rules that determine whether his victims live or die. Rules that will set Gem’s fate in motion. He’s waiting for her to decide.

But how can you win the game when you don’t know how to play? What if surrendering is the worst thing you can do? What if fighting back will kill you?

Two choices. Two outcomes. And only one way for Gem to survive.

Early reviews of the novel are already in, and it’s proving to be hugely popular already:

“”How can one person cause so much evil?” That’s the ultimate question we must answer as this novel is sure to capture the essence of what’s like to be in that fight or flight mode.” Goodreads Reviewer, 5 stars

“Fascinating Psychological Thriller” Goodreads Reviewer, 5 stars

Max is the author of two novels prior to The Victim. His first novel, Now You See was published in April 2018, and his second novel, Don’t Look Now was published in August last year.