L.P. Fergusson’s fabulous second novel, The Summer Fields, is published today by Canelo.

Set in the early 1700s, it follows dairy maid Elen Griffiths…

Is the pain of loss a price worth paying for true love?

In the year 1704, dairy maid Elen Griffiths’ immunity to the smallpox plaguing England should be a blessing. But it feels more like a curse when she is selected to leave her home and nurse high-born Viscount Mordiford through the illness within the confines of Duntisbourne Hall. There, Elen finds a horribly afflicted patient but she also discovers a friend in Ned Harley, the charming valet. However, before long sinister forces threaten Elen’s life and honour. Rescued by the man she has grown to love, she flees the country with the English army, not knowing if her affections are returned.

Across the Channel, Elen finds purpose serving as a nurse during the Duke of Marlborough’s campaign. Surrounded by the horror and confusion of the brutal war against the French, Elen is reunited with her love on the eve of the Battle of Blenheim. She learns that his feelings mirror her own, but a moment of joy may be all they ever know. Even if he survives the battle, a figure from the past threatens to destroy Elen’s freedom, her happiness and her life.

And early reviews for The Summer Fields have been outstanding:

“A gloriously original tale, based on historical truth, about a girl with an 18th-century superpower and a heart to match. You will ache for her to make it through the battlefields and win her love.” James Hawes

“This is an absolute blinder! It is an absorbing read and when you reach the end you realise just how much information, action and characterisation was packed into every page…it just sneaks up on you!” Goodreads reviewer, 5 stars

“Having read A Dangerous Act of Kindness and loved it I was looking forward to reading The Summer Fields and I wasn’t disappointed.” Goodreads reviewer, 5 stars

“The description of the times and the people had me enthralled, it is so much more than just a love story” Goodreads reviewer, 5 stars

L.P. Fergusson’s debut novel, A Dangerous Act of Kindness, was runner up in the 2018 Caledonia Novel Award, and was chosen for the Big Library Read, the world’s first global eBook club. It has been highly acclaimed since its publication in March last year.

She gained an MA in Creative Writing with Distinction at Oxford Brookes University in 2016 as well as winning the Blackwell’s Prize, which is awarded to the best student on the course.

Her writing has also been shortlisted for the Orwell Society Dystopian Short Story Competition and Flash500’s Novel Opening Chapter & Synopsis Competition.

Loraine is the editor of the historical blog With Love from Grazfeaturing love letters between her parents separated by war, which has been featured on BBC Radio Wales, Radio 2 and the BBC4 programme A Very British Romance with Lucy Worsley.