It’s publication day for Kitty Wilson and the fifth and final instalment of her brilliant Cornish Village School series, Happy Ever After (Canelo).

We return to Penmenna one last time, to ensure that everyone gets the perfect ending they deserve…

Marion Markshop is the undisputed queen of Penmenna and has the perfect life – ask anyone. Doting husband? Hmm, maybe not… Well-behaved, angelic children? Definitely not. A network of close, supportive friends? Not so much, it turns out.

Marion sets out to change her autocratic ways by starting up a wedding planning enterprise in the village. But between her husband’s suspicious absences, her PTA frenemies and her own perfectionist tendencies, organising the dream wedding for her friend isn’t going smoothly and she’s running out of time to pull it off…

Perfect for fans of Tilly Tenant and Cathy Bramley, the novel has already received some brilliant five star reviews on Goodreads

“This is worth far more than five stars it’s brilliant.” Goodreads reviewer, 5 stars

“This book was a solid summer read, it was joyful, gentle and sweet. Everything I desire in a book.” Goodreads reviewer, 5 stars

Kitty Wilson has lived in Cornwall for the last twenty-five years having been dragged there, against her will, as a stroppy teen. She is now remarkably grateful to her parents for their foresight and wisdom – and that her own children aren’t as hideous. She spends most of her time welded to the keyboard or hiding out at the beach and has a penchant for very loud music, equally loud dresses and romantic heroines who speak their mind.